What you'll learn:

This FREE mini course was designed to help you understand the fundamentals of subnetting as well as the process behind it. You'll first learn and understand(or refresh) about binary and decimals and their conversions.

And then we go with what is subnetting and why it is needed and being used in the networks today.

From there, we'll go with the exact process of how you can "divide" or subnet a large network into smaller ones. 

You can see some examples and practice and take the quiz to help you deepen your understanding.

Once you completely finished the course(100% status) you'll be able to download your completion certificate.

*Note: Please fill up the information with your proper name as it will be the information printed(automatically) in the completion certificate once you finished the mini course.

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Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to Subnetting Fundamentals mini course!

    • Lesson 01: Binary and Decimal

    • Lesson 02: Decimal to Binary Conversion

    • Lesson 03: Binary to Decimal Conversion

    • Lesson 04: Subnetting Fundamentals

    • Lesson 05: Subnetting - sample

    • Lesson 06: Finding the "magic" number

    • Lesson 07: Finding the magic number - practice

    • Subnetting Fundamentals Quiz


  • Who is this for?

    This is for newbies and beginners who don't have idea or understanding how subnetting works. If you're an aspiring CCNA who just getting started, this is perfect for you.

  • What can I learn from this mini course?

    We cover all the basics about subnetting. From binary and decimal down to subnetting fundamentals(including some samples of how to solve questions about subnetting).

  • How the course will be delivered/teach?

    This is a self-paced online course. All video tutorials/lessons are pre-recorded. You can learn anytime and anywhere you want. Once you enrolled, you'll get access to them immediately.

  • Will I get a training certificate after I completed this free mini course?

    Yes! Once you finished the course, you'll be able to download the training certificate immediately. *Send us an email if you didn't automatically get your completion certificate.

What students are saying

Well elaborated and easy to understand

Lemuel Joseph

What I Iike most here in CCNA PH is that all the lessons, tutorials, and lab simulations are well elaborated and easy to understand. Our mentor really did his best to communicate and to convey his knowledge to the students for them to grasp the knowledge faster.

Lessons are very helpful lalo n sa mga newbies

MC Laviña

Lessons are very helpful lalo n sa mga newbies, easy to digest.. lifetime access pa so u can learn at ur own phase 🙂🙂. Also, sir billy is very accommodating sa mga inquiries and emails.

You will learn not just technical but life lessons


I recommend Tech Academy to those who wants to be part of network industry. Sir Billy Ramirez and the members will help you from the bottom to the top. You will learn not just technical but life lessons and experiences that will motivate and help you to pursue further. This academy is the best place to learn and I am proud to be part of this group. Thank you.



Billy Ramirez

Billy Ramirez is the founder and chief instructor at Tech Academy. He used to work as a Sr. Network Administrator in one of the largest foreign BPO operating in the Philippines. Right now, his mission is to help aspiring Filipino I.T grow their I.T career.